Absolute Value™
CPG Distribution

CPG Distribution

Today companies in this market are faced with long lead times, fast-changing consumer trends, expanding SKU's, e-commerce, compliance in EDI, packing, labeling, and shipping complexities.


Challenge Absolute Value's Demand Planning Advantage
Long lead times Forecast handles long lead times. Net time-phased expected inventory function provides view across time for accurate replenishment.
Container planning We look at vendor targets to round to container loads for efficient procurement and shipping.
Collaborative forecasting Choose customers and items on which to collaborate. Collaborative forecasting provides a vehicle for capturing information specific to major customers' aniticipated buying patterns.
Surplus and excess inventory Buy based on the sum of statistical and collaborative forecasts. The system further refines the forecast, taking lead time into account.
Large quantity of SKU's Can handle millions of SKU's.
Forecasting new items The system can redirect usage from another similar product when you have no experience with that specific item.