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Electronics Distribution

Electronics Distribution

Although it is subject to many of the same hurdles most industries face (such as market saturation and economic downturns), the consumer electronics industry has fared better than most in times of flux. Technological advances and ever-changing product lines have helped the industry avoid major saturation problems by making existing products appear outdated. This also creates the challenge of keeping a fresh selection of products available to customers while managing an ever-increasing number of SKU's. Customers have developed an expectation of on-demand stock and very quick turnaround times for orders.


Challenge Absolute Value's Demand Planning Advantage
Obsolete inventory Best fit formula-based forecasting allows for more accurate stocking decisions.
Collaborative forecasting Collaborative forecasting provides a vehicle for capturing information specific to major customers' anticipated buying patterns.
Predicting product life cycle This system provides ultimate visibility by defining a forecast trend, and highlighting products so that you can preview the forecast, in order to avoid purchasing products that would otherwise require a markdown in order to sell them.
Forecasting new products
We make it easy to redirect the history of an obsolete product and assign it to a new item, driving a much more accurate forecast. Obsolete or excess inventory is also excluded from history, so as not to be mistaken for run-rate sales.
Surplus and excess inventory The system identifies inventory need, surplus, and excess across your company on a daily basis, giving you visibility into your entire company when making a buying decision. This means you will see if you have inventory stocked in another location that might be better transferred than purchased.
Sales promotions Our solution separates the anticipated forecast for promotions, enabling you to adjust historical usages for promotion-based sales.