Absolute Value™
Fastener Distribution

Fastener Distribution

The fastener industry faces the complexities of long lead times, regional warehousing, consignment inventory, heavy yet inexpensive items, and dealing with rework.


Challenge Absolute Value's Demand Planning Advantage
Imported products Forecast handles long lead times. Net time-phased expected inventory function provides view across time for accurate replenishment.
Heavy products You can buy from one vendor, across multiple warehouses, by location, with the appropriate replenishment paths.
Collaborative forecast Choose customers and items on which to collaborate. Collaborative forecasting provides a vehicle for capturing information specific to major customers' anticipated buying patterns.
Complex stocking decisions Buy based on the sum of statistical and collaborative forecasts.The system further refines the forecast by taking lead time into account.
Forecasting kits The system manages kits. It also forecasts at the finished goods level, taking the BOM into consideration, to providing greater accuracy for future orders and better visibility to explode components.