Absolute Value™
Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Food distributors face long lead times for frozen and canned goods, typically purchased in truckload quantities. They often use public frozen warehouses which close and relocate frequently. Depending on the item, the forecast may roll up based on a food category, and recurring short-term demand regularly drives weekly forecasts. Absolute Value is specifically designed to easily handle all of these nuances.


Challenge Absolute Value's Demand Planning Advantage
Weekly forecast We can accommodate short-cycle forecasting with a weekly period for the forecast, or customers can elect to forecast based on monthly periods.
Variants The system provides a roll-up feature in the forecast where all history for each item rolls up to a generic product level. In this way, generic food groups can be forecast, regardless of specific variant.
Long lead times The forecast is specifically designed to optimize long lead times. The net time-phased expected inventory function provides a view across time for accurate replenishment.
Public frozen warehouses We make it easy to reassign history and customers, by product, to assist the user when public frozen warehouses are opened and closed. The continuity in tracking a forecast, regardless of which warehouse stored it, is very valuable in ultimately maintaining an accurate forecast.
Truckload quantities Our replenishment can create one purchase order for multiple truckloads of product. Purchase orders can also be split into truckload quantities.
Sales promotions The system separates the anticipated forecast for promotions, enabling the user to adjust historical usage for promotion-based sales, ultimately yielding an accurate forecast, year over year, with or without promotions.