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Implementation Methodology

With an emphasis on a fast and continuing ROI, the Demand Planning implementation methodology is a fundamental element of the solution. The timeline for implementation is structured in days, not months.

Our experience with more than 300 installations provides a proven and straightforward path for your success.

We offer:

  • Quick, streamlined implementation support.
  • Best-practice forecasting and replenishment.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support.
  • Educational webinars.

Project Planning – Getting it Right from the Start

Establishing a solid foundation for the project is critical. The Absolute Value team provides the framework that will be used to drive the project. This planning phase kicks off with a face-to-face meeting designed to introduce the project teams, discuss goals, define roles and responsibilities, and review the project timeline. The result is a high-level project plan tailored to your company’s needs.

Data Validation – Success is in the Details

Since any forecasting tool is only as good as the accuracy of its historical data, the most important and time-sensitive step of the implementation process is data validation. This step allows the team to review data integrity and begin developing customer-specific business scenarios. By analyzing the results of these scenarios, you can verify they are giving you the expected result. If not, you can drill down to explore the data further.

User Training/Implementation¬†– It’a All About Best Practices

A combination of on-site and remote training helps users achieve confidence with the system, and allows them to focus on business issues rather than manual tasks. Absolute Value training goes beyond learning about fields and commands; users will also understand the “whys” behind the system’s recommendations. And all training is done using a database with the customers’ actual data, creating a familiar user experience on which to build success.

Post Implementation – The Learning Never Stops

Support: Absolute Value’s customer support philosophy is based on direct access to experienced implementation resources. It is paramount to us that customers work with consultants who are available to answer questions and provide specific recommendations.

Post-Implementation Review: For continued success, a post-implementation review is scheduled several months after go-live to check on the integrity of the solution. During this review, we will make sure the Demand Planning system is still running smoothly and organizational goals are being met.

Educational Webinars: Periodic webinars are offered to drill down on specific ways to more effectively utilize your system. Topics include making the most of the software enhancements, FAQs, and “how-to” sessions regarding best practices for the solution.

User Group Activities: One complementary registration for the annual Forecasting and Replenishment Forum is available to each customer company. This meeting provides educational opportunities focused on the latest demand planning and forecasting techniques, and gives you a venue in which to meet and interact with peers. Additional attendee registrations are available at the nominal registration fee for this meeting.

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