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POS Data Analytics

POS Data Analytics

Change in the retail industry is happening faster than ever before:

  • Internet sales are so common these days that many brick and mortar stores are being forced to close.
  • Consumers can comparison shop easily from their home or office, and these growing behaviors are forcing margins lower as the consumer shops for the lowest price.
  • Make sure your products are in the best position for consumption!

Why not put the same technology shoppers are using to work for you? The EDI 852 data that used to be available only to the largest retailers, is now available for you, as the supplier, to optimize your position.

If your company sells to retailers, our Point of Sale (POS) Data Analytics service can help you improve your product sales and trading partner relationships. Whether you’re involved in inventory management, or the sales and marketing side of the house, you can tap the solution’s actionable, inventory-related insights to optimize your product position with key retail customers.

POS Data Analytics works:

  • In the cloud, where computing resources can grow as you need them to crunch large volumes of data, and then shrink so you are only paying for the computing power you need.
  • Without IT requirements other than logging into our service.
  • So you define the way you want to see your data.
  • On a month-to-month basis, with no long-term commitment or heavy upfront costs.

POS Data Analytics enables you to:

  • Spot under or overstocked stores weekly, at a glance.
  • Analyze data in the format you prefer (units, dollars, items category, geography).
  • Discern new product performance quickly and easily.
  • Identify sales trends as they are happening.
  • Anticipate inventory needed, by warehouse, for each retail distribution center.
  • Select instant notifications of important data.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo on how you can put EDI POS data to work for you!