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5th Annual Forecasting & Replenishment Forum

This year's Forecasting & Replenishment Forum will be held May 13-15 in Atlanta, GA. Absolute Value users will have a chance to explore the newest replenishment concepts with the consultants and developers of the software, as well as industry expert Jon Schreibfeder.

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Absolute Value, a proven Forecasting and Replenishment System, empowers distribution companies. With it you can reduce excess and surplus inventory, improve your forecasting and replenishment processes, increase customer satisfaction, and free up cash for your company.

The solution will integrate with your current ERP system - preserving your software investment, while upgrading your forecasting and replenishment capabilities.

Receive Absolute Value from day one:

  • Best-practice forecasting and replenishment solution with 300+ customer companies
  • Works with your ERP system
  • Deploy it your way: in the cloud or on-premise
  • You needed it yesterday – be up and running in weeks
  • Based on principles of industry expert Jon Schreibfeder of Effective Inventory Management
  • Payback of total cost of ownership in months

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