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Yes you can have your inventory at the right place at the right time!

As a distributor, you’re well aware of the constant and growing challenges involved in forecasting, planning, and filling orders to meet customer needs. While your ERP system is intended to handle many of your business transactions, the Absolute Value Demand Planning solution uses your ERP data to specifically help with inventory management – a critical role, considering that your inventory is your largest, and most costly asset.

Delivered in the cloud as a monthly service, the solution enables you to reduce inventory levels and increase profits, while concurrently improving customer service levels. You can forecast up to 52 periods with a best-fit formula approach, streamline your purchasing workflows, and easily manage low-usage, long-lead-time, exception, and seasonal items.

The system also addresses the replenishment aspect of inventory management by:

  • Providing a total integration of your forecast and dynamic, time-phased, expected inventory across your supply chain.
  • Presenting a drill down to the details of each calculation for the user’s review. (It’s not a black box forecasting and replenishment system.)
  • Generating daily or on-demand suggested replenishment orders for the user’s review and placement.
  • Recommending transfers for the replenishment of branch warehouses and consignment locations.

Extend your ERP System

By integrating directly into your system, Demand Planning extends your ERP investment while putting everything you need to make inventory-related decisions at your fingertips.

Key data is synchronized between Demand Planning and your ERP system, ensuring planning decisions are made with the most current information available. The resulting forecasting and replenishment recommendations, in the form of Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders, are then pushed back to your ERP system for execution.


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