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Demand Planning Gold Service

Absolute Value works hard to deliver the very best software possible to address customers’ inventory management needs. However, sometimes the best software is not utilized to its fullest for many reasons. Software, after all, is just a tool that must be optimized to yield its best possible results.

Strong demand planning and replenishment are two of the most critical business processes in your operation because they manage your largest material asset, your inventory. Properly balancing inventory and having the right product at the right place at the right time will reduce costs and have a significant impact on your bottom line. Complexities with long lead times and imports, as well as disruptions such as humanitarian crises, pandemics, and natural disasters, make managing these areas even more important now and into the future.

Demand Planning Gold Service ensures that companies have direct access to experts in order to garner the most value out of their Absolute Value Demand Planning software.

Demand Planning Gold Service Components

Demand Planning Gold Service begins after training and implementation, and includes the following:
  • Direct phone, web, and e-mail support with Absolute Value
  • Demand Planning specialists
  • Access to the most current software version
  • Demand Planning processing optimization
  • Input to Demand Planning development
  • Admittance to educational webinars
  • One free registration for the annual Forecasting & Replenishment Users’ Meeting

Direct Phone and E-Mail Support with Demand Planning Consultants

Demand Planning Gold Service is built on the basic tenet of having direct, unlimited access to specialized and experienced Absolute Value consultants who are also part of the development process for the Demand Planning software. With this service, you’ll never have to guess, you’ll always be able to reach out to consultants who can answer your questions, take your input, and make specific recommendations relative to your particular needs.

Access to the Most Current Software Version

So long as you are using monthly subscription software or your on-premise enhancements are paid current, you are entitled to new Demand Planning software updates. While software upgrade preparation and implementation work itself are not covered by Gold Service, and are billable, Gold Service will make enhancements in the software easier to absorb. The service enables you and your team to stay “up to speed” as new functionality is introduced. Demand Planning consultants will assist you in reviewing app changes and explain how your team can best use the new functionality.

Supply Chain Management Review

During the support process, your Absolute Value consultant will analyze your Demand Planning formulas, methods, purchasing patterns, and results to be sure that your company is using best practices to achieve your desired outcomes. If there is room for improvement, your Absolute Value consultant will make recommendations accordingly. You are also encouraged to ask any questions in these areas at any time.

Input to Demand Planning Development

It should come as no surprise that some of our best ideas come from our customers. Absolute Value will take this collaboration to a new level by introducing anticipated enhancements and getting your input to prioritize them.

Periodic Educational Webinars

Webinars to introduce specific ways to more effectively utilize Demand Planning will be scheduled periodically. These include instruction on software enhancements as well as “how-to sessions” on specific areas of the application, and are always helpful to expand knowledge for team members.

One Free Registration for the Annual Forecasting & Replenishment Users’ Forum

Complementing the other offerings of Demand Planning Gold Service is one free registration annually for the Users’ Group meeting organized by Absolute Value and its sister company, Lanham Associates. This meeting is intended to provide educational opportunities and give you a chance to offer your input to the software development team, as well as meet and interact with your peers who are also using Demand Planning.

Terms & Conditions of Demand Planning Gold Service

  • Absolute Value software enhancement fees must be kept current. Absolute Value enhancement fees are included in monthly software use fees, and collected annually for OnPremises software.

  • If you are using a version of software that requires an object merge for an update, your merge will be provided at no charge. Object merges are not available if enhancement fees are not paid current.

  • Client must identify one contact and one backup contact, with name, phone number, and e-mail address.

  • A minimum of two contacts must be trained on Demand Planning at client site.

  • Product customizations, additional user training, business process consulting, and upgrade assistance are NOT included in Demand Planning Gold Service. These services may be available upon request and will be billed on a project basis.

  • Demand Planning Gold Support is currently available from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (Atlanta, GA, USA).

  • Many factors can affect inventory levels. Absolute Value will NOT accept any financial responsibility for inventory levels or associated business risks.

About Absolute Value

Absolute Value has extensive roots in the distribution software industry with specific strengths in Supply Chain Management. Comprised of both end-user and software vendor experience, the Absolute Value team bridges a dual perspective on the complex needs of today’s distributors.

As a Lanham Company, Absolute Value blends this depth of supply chain management experience with knowledge of stateof-the-art technology and application solutions to provide clients with a unique pathway to success.

Absolute Value was formed to bring the benefits of Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Lanham Associates’ software and service solutions to a wider audience, by making them available in an ERP-independent environment.

Contact Information

Absolute Value Headquarters
1 Meca Way Norcross, GA 30093 USA
Phone: +1-678-905-1204