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Analyzing Your Excess and Surplus Inventory

While your physical inventory may look like stock items on the warehouse shelves, from an accounting perspective it represents future revenue. Consequently, if it isn’t moving off the shelves it’s actually non-working capital.

We all understand the value of working vs. idle capital, but many businesses have limited visibility into their inventory, handicapping their ability to optimize it.


Analyze Your Inventory. All of it.

The Absolute Value Demand Planning system can help you zero in on the status of your inventory. It analyzes every item in every warehouse daily. It then divides the on-hand quantity of each item into good, surplus, and excess inventory categories, and extends these quantities to dollars – resulting in an inventory analysis showing exactly where your inventory dollars are invested.

When the system generates a Suggested Order, the software will review inventory levels across all your warehouses for all the items being suggested to order. If surplus inventory is found in another warehouse, you’ll be notified, and a transfer can be created, instead of purchasing more inventory from the vendor.

Optimize Your Inventory for a Better Bottom Line

All of Demand Planning’s strong methodologies work to provide the most accurate forecast and replenishment plans available today. The net result is a reduction in inventory, while maintaining or improving customer service levels, and increasing your margins.

Absolute Value Demand Planning Enables You To:

  • Reduce surplus inventory
  • Identify dead stock for elimination
  • Increase your margins
  • Gain full visibility to where your inventory dollars are being spent
  • Free up your cash to fund future growth

Get Better Control of Excess and Surplus Inventory: