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Demand Planning’s Software Implementation and User Training Helps You Get Started Quickly!

With Absolute Value Demand Planning software your company can look forward to real, tangible inventory forecasting and dynamic replenishment advantages that can lower your inventory, increase customer service levels, and directly enhance your bottom line.

With so much to gain, you’ll want to get started quickly.

Easier than Ever to Get Started with Demand Planning

Absolute Value’s Demand Planning Implementation service focuses not only on the speed of implementation – offering a rapid roll out in weeks, not months – but also on how well the system addresses your business needs. Focusing on these two factors makes the entire process faster, providing a quicker route to ROI.

Absolute Value Demand Planning
Implementation Steps and Procedures

Based on experience with more than 300+ installations, Absolute Value follows a structured software implementation plan offering a proven and straightforward path to your success.

Project Planning – Getting it right from the start

A solid foundation built on a strong framework is key to the project’s success. The Absolute Value team kicks off the planning phase with a remote meeting to introduce the project team, discuss goals, define roles and responsibilities, and review the project timeline. Result: a high-level project plan.

Data Validation and System Set-up – Success is in the details

After the project plan is prepared, the detailed work of Data validation and Set-Up, including the following steps, begins:

  • The Absolute Value Demand Planning Interface is installed in the customer’s ERP system
  • Absolute Value pulls data from the ERP system into Demand Planning in the cloud
  • Absolute Value builds out the resulting data set in Demand Planning
  • Customer is asked to perform an internal evaluation of the data
  • Both companies interact to resolve any data discrepancies
  • Once any discrepancies are resolved, Absolute Value runs a forecast covering the past two years
  • A joint session is scheduled to review the forecast and again validate data
  • Upon final data validation, training begins based on the customer’s actual data

The accuracy of any forecasting system is only as good as the accuracy of the data used. One of the most important and time-sensitive steps of the implementation process is data validation.

User Training / Implementation – It’s all about Best Practices

Interactive remote training sessions help users become familiar with the solution. As users become more confident with the system, they can manage by exception, freeing up time to focus on other inventory-related business issues.

Absolute Value Demand Planning training goes beyond just learning about fields and commands; the instruction also helps users to grasp the “whys” behind the system’s recommendations. All training utilizes a database with customers’ actual data, creating a familiar user experience on which to build success.


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