Absolute Value™


Each company is unique with its own culture, business methodologies and milestones, yet across the distribution market today there are some common business issues driving common needs. Beyond that, some subsectors have even more specific common needs relative to forecasting and replenishment.

If you are looking for more information in a particular subsector, please see additional findings in: Industrial Distribution, Electronics, Food Distribution, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Fasteners.

The whole process of having the right item at the right time in the right place has changed dramatically over the past five years. Demand planning is a start to getting a grip on the issues, but it is only half the battle. Sound replenishment can be just as critical.

In today's business climate, it is critical to recognize the "squeeze play" being wrought on distributors, with customers wanting just-in-time product, suppliers imposing long lead times, and banks getting tighter with their lines of credit. The "squeeze play" can and must be out maneuvered!

Our customers tell us that Absolute Value's Demand Planning has helped them:

  • Plan appropriately for long lead times on imported items
  • Round efficiently when purchasing container load
  • Collaborate with key customers to get more accurate forecasts
  • Get rid of excess (dead) stock and minimize surplus stock
  • Reduce inventory investment, opening up cash flow, rather than increasing lines of credit
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Move inventory to the correct location rather than over-buy
  • Have better visibility into why decisions were made
  • Get a better picture of their overall inventory management and operations
  • Review forecasts from the top down and the bottom up